Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials - NicoleNicole appreciates the care and attention that Oceanic gave her all throughout her root canal treatment.

I first found Oceanic Dental on Yelp when I had a bad toothache. I was very nervous about going to the dentist since I had not had the best experiences in the past. After seeing so many positive reviews on Yelp, it really made me want to go to Oceanic.

My toothache turned out to require a root canal, due to issues with old fillings. The next day, Dr. Pham called to check on me and to see how I was feeling. This was a shock from how I am used to being treated at the dentist office. Due to her great care and great office staff, I have referred all of my family and numerous friends to Oceanic, and everyone is very happy that they made the change to Dr. Pham.

— Nicole

Patient Testimonials - BarbaraBarbra received dental implants, and is very happy with the results.

I have received great care during my procedures. Dr. Bonin is very kind and knowledgeable. All the staff are very considerate and are always friendly.

— Barbara

Patient Testimonials - KristineKristine received teeth whitening and had old fillings replaced with non-metal, tooth-colored fillings.

I originally came to Oceanic Dental for a tooth whitening treatment because I was scheduled to have a crown at another dentist office. Two dentists both told me that my filling could not be replaced as it was too big.

After my whitening treatment, Dr. Pham consulted me and said that my filling could be replaced. The doctor also noted other silver fillings that were leaky. All of my work was done for much less than the cost of one filling, and my tooth was saved! I have since moved my whole family under Dr. Pham’s care…and some friends.

The office uses state-of-the-art equipment. My teeth are always super clean after my cleanings. My husband appreciates that he is not scolded, like he was at other practices, for receding gums. Everyone here is thorough and does his or her job extremely well, yet with a kindness that is appreciated.

Dr. Pham is gentle and kind and very knowledgeable. She is conservative in that she watches potential problems instead of insisting on fixing what is unnecessary. She is so skilled that bigger problems are avoided.

All the staff are kind and personable. They cater to what we want to achieve. They even made notes of the flavor of fluoride my kids prefer.

— Kristine

Patient Testimonials - AnthonyAnthony enjoys the thorough care he receives when getting his routine checkups and cleanings.

Upon entering the office I was kindly greeted and quickly seen. My cleaning and checkup was painless and easy. I was seen by the dentist and she explained everything she was doing to my teeth. The entire staff is super friendly. Dr. Pham is super nice and friendly. Her work is precise and thorough. Friendly staff, clean office, awesome view from patient rooms of beautiful Huntington Beach weather.

— Anthony

Patient Testimonials - JennipherJennipher received a full-mouth restoration.

Before I came to Dr. Pham, my teeth were in poor condition. My teeth were severely stained and discolored due to in utero exposure to tetracycline. In addition, I had a lot of issues with my teeth that had resulted from many years of fearing to go to the dentist. Like most people, I was afraid of going to the dentist because I was afraid of pain.

After my first consultation with Dr. Pham, I was convinced that I would receive the best care for my teeth. Dr. Pham is well respected in her field and stays abreast of the latest technologies. Her office is filled with all the latest equipment, including digital X-rays, a sterilizer, and digital cameras. The office is always looking for the latest technology that puts them several steps ahead of others.

Before my first procedure, I was given a treatment plan that laid out exactly everything that needed to be done, along with an estimate on the cost. Since I had a pretty extensive list of procedures, my visit to Oceanic Dental was very frequently over the last two years. I always had a great experience every time I came to visit Oceanic Dental as everyone there put my needs first and foremost.

As for pain, I can honestly say throughout the various procedures I absolutely did not feel any pain or discomfort. Overall, I have enjoyed many benefits from the treatment. One of the benefits is that I can smile now. More importantly, I can smile confidently, knowing that my smile will last for a long time because the quality of Dr. Pham’s work is so superior.

I love Dr. Pham because I feel that I can trust her completely. I know that she will put my best interest first. Dr. Pham set the highest standard for herself because she is a perfectionist and I can see it in the results.

I have gained a lot of self-confidence. Prior to this transformation, I would never smile for fear that people would see how unattractive my teeth were. Inside I was a happy person but was never able to truly express that happiness. In fact, after all my procedures at Oceanic Dental, I had to learn how to smile. Of course it didn’t take long for my true inner self to come out. I am now able to express to people the happy person that I am through my smile.

— Jennipher

Patient Testimonials - CynthiaCynthia received various dental treatments that restored her smile and dental health.

It was a pretty intensive treatment and I was very anxious. Dr. Pham, Dr. Bonin and Dr. Nour were careful about keeping me informed and were sensitive to easing my anxiety.

This made a world of difference in my experience with such an intense process. Everything worked out well and I continue to be in good dental shape. The doctors are always pleasant and aware of keeping me informed. The whole team is friendly and very welcoming.

— Cynthia

Dr. Pham and her team did a superb job managing my emergency. I needed an extraction, bone graft and implant to replace a rotten tooth. The whole process was explained to me in detail and was entirely painless. I got exactly what I needed; it was flawlessly executed with compassion and efficiency.

Dr. Pham and her entire staff treated me like family. I know a great doctor when I see one because I am one. Dr. Pham and her team have received the highest endorsement I can give – they are now caring for my children.

– Edward M. Gentile MD.

Dr. Krystal Pham at Oceanic Dental was recommended to me by a friend. It was rather a long distance drive for me, but a good dentist or dental practice are hard to find and the recommendation and endorsements I heard seemed worth the effort.

I was greeted by a welcoming staff and the general feel of the practice seemed cohesive and well run. They addressed me by my name and offered me beverages and checked me in with minimal effort. As a medical professional with my own private office and staff, I can attest that the staff and their attention to details are what can make an office stand out.

Oceanic Dental and Dr. Pham definitely stand out in their care and respect for patients. Dr. Pham is personable and clinically thorough with attention to detail. The medical records are computerized and the office has new and up to date equipment that only adds to the level of service. I personally have referred two close friends of mine who gladly make the 45 minute drive from LA to see Dr. Pham. I think that speaks volumes in the quality of service when there are so many dentists in LA.

One less trouble in my busy world now with a solid dentist whom I can follow up with. A permanent addition to my trusted trio of an accountant, a lawyer, and a car mechanic.

– Jae Pak, M.D.

Dr. Pak is the Medical Director of New Hair Institute

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