New Teeth in One Day in Huntington Beach

New Teeth in One Day in Huntington Beach

Get extractions, implants and new teeth in one day!

New Teeth in One Day in Huntington BeachAdvancements in dental technology allow us to provide you with a new set of teeth in one day. By placing four to six dental implants per arch, Dr. Bonin can provide you with a temporary set of teeth that will be immediately functional.

Traditional dentures offer only about a 10% ability to chew normally. With implant-supported dentures, you will regain about 80% of normal chewing power! You will no longer need to worry about slipping dentures and difficulty eating certain foods.

Free Dental Implant Consultation

Special Offers - Free Dental Implant ConsultationWe offer a free dental implant consultation so you can learn more about this modern tooth replacement option.

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Review your treatment options
  • Learn about the procedure
  • Get all your questions about dental implants answered

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Our New Teeth in a Day procedure

New Teeth in One Day in Huntington Beach

Using as few as four dental implants, Dr. Bonin can give you a full set of new teeth in one day

Consultation and precision diagnostics

Dr. Bonin will meet with you to discuss your goals. He will review your dental and medical history and conduct a thorough oral exam. He will get a full set of digital X-rays taken for the planning of your procedure, including panoramic X-rays and 3D CT scans, if needed.

Dr. Bonin uses 3D implant planning software to determine the best location for your dental implants without having to perform exploratory surgery.

He will listen carefully to any concerns you may have, explain the procedure thoroughly and answer any questions you have.

Minimally invasive surgery

New Teeth in One Day in Huntington Beach

Surgical guides make the implant placement procedure faster and more accurate.

A surgical guide is used to precisely position your implants in the correct location. This means there is little impact on the gum and bone, making the procedure minimally invasive, and reducing any potential post-operative discomfort.

Dr. Bonin evaluates each case individually to determine the number of implants required to support a restoration, usually between four to six posts per arch.

If teeth need to be extracted, this is done at the time of the implant surgery. You have the option of receiving oral sedation so that you will be fully relaxed during the procedure.

Dr. Bonin will immediately place your temporary dentures on the implants so you have functional teeth after the procedure.

Permanent replacement teeth

About three to four months later, after your dental implants have fully integrated with your jaw, Dr. Bonin will place your permanent, high-grade teeth.

You will be given the choice between removable or fixed dentures. Most patients prefer fixed dentures for the more natural feel and function. However, some patients opt for the affordability and easy cleaning of removable snap-on dentures.

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