Children’s Dentistry in Huntington Beach

Family Dentistry

We are very welcome to families in our practice, and our doctors are great with children.

Friendly service for the entire family

Our team is completely at home treating patients of all ages, and when it comes to children we go out of our way to make them feel welcome.

We consider it very important that children get good dental care from a young age. We hope to instill good habits and to make them comfortable with visiting a dentist.

Dr. Amero, Dr. Ly and Dr. Pham are very good with children and enjoy working with them.

Your Child’s First Visit

We start seeing children as young as one year old. It is good to bring your child along to your own checkups so they get used to the space and see it isn’t a scary place. At first we just want them to get used to coming to the dentist and sitting in the chair. We have a toy box and movies to keep them entertained.

When your child is ready, the dentist will perform a very short exam; and of course, parents are always welcome to come into the treatment room with their child.

$69 Special Welcome Children’s Exam and Cleaning

Family DentistryWe offer a special welcome package for your child’s first exam and cleaning.

This special offer for children includes:

  • Exam
  • Cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Any necessary X-rays

To make an appointment, call 714-841-0203 or click here to request an appointment online.

Services for kids

We offer high-quality dental services for children with an emphasis on preventative care and education.

Gentle cleanings and good hygiene instructions

Our hygienists have a strong interest in oral health education for children and make it their mission to teach your child good, life-long habits. Gum disease in children is on the rise due to modern eating habits, so teaching how to floss and brush are all the more important.

Our hygienists are friendly and gentle, ensuring that the cleaning is a pleasant experience for your child.

Baby Root Canals/Pulpotomys

A baby root canal is basically the first step in a full adult root canal. It is called a pulpotomy. Our doctors only remove the pulp tissue in the crown of the tooth, above the root canals. This procedure is only performed when there is a deep cavity that reaches into the nerve (pulp) of the tooth.

Baby Crowns

Children whose permanent teeth haven’t erupted yet sometimes need to treat a large cavity with a crown, or parents want to get their child’s tooth capped for aesthetic reasons. Our doctors use affordable, durable prefabricated crowns as well as all-ceramic crowns made out of solid zirconia.


Sealants seal the cusp and grooves of the teeth. They are used to prevent cavities from developing in crevices where it is difficult or impossible to brush.

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